• Pathway
  • Still Life With Roses
  • Sweet Basil
  • Down Gypsy Alley
  • Pink Cliffs of Bandalier
  • Lake Effect
  • Forest Floor
  • Inside Frijoles Canyon
  • Shoreline
  • Hot Reds
  • Cluster of Irises
  • Dark Iris
  • Amaryllis
  • A Gathering of Canna
  • Hot Pink

Leah Dockrill, SCA


I was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia and have lived also in Ottawa, Edmonton and Toronto, where I presently reside. 


A former schoolteacher, librarian and then lawyer, I have been engaged in the visual arts since 1975. In the early years, I wove tapestries on a four-harness floor loom. Because of the nature of that work, it was typically many weeks before a finished image would emerge. Seeking another medium that would provide the more immediate satisfaction of realizing a completed work, I turned to watercolour. In 1995, I left my previous professional career behind, and made my art practice my exclusive and full-time occupation.


Shortly after that, acrylic paint became my medium of choice. It was not possible to resist the allure of this amazingly versatile medium and the numerous size options that it allowed. My imagery includes abstracts, landscape and coastal imagery, floral and still life. In recent years I have become hooked on collage. I use a variety of media to create works inspired by a broad variety of themes.


I have been an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists since 2000. Over the years I have exhibited my work in a number of private and public galleries and have participated in many group and juried shows in Ontario and other provinces. 



Additional paintings  and my collage gallery can be viewed on my website www.leahdockrill.net


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Tel: 416-782-2336