Andrew Benyei, SCA

Andrew Benyei was teaching art at the Royal Ontario Museum, YMCA and various summer camps by the time he was in his teens.


Following graduation from the University of Toronto and working as a professional engineer and manager, he continued to explore his creative talents and graduated from the Ontario College of Art & Design. In 1990, after shifting personal priorities, he decided to concentrate on his artistic career.


Much of Benyei’s work focuses on capturing human relations and emotions. His sculptures, in particular, depict people caught in a situation, either alone or with others. They are based on personal experiences or his observation of people. He tries to understand how his subjects feel by visualizing himself in their “shoes”. The challenge is to capture the moment including the emotions of the participant.


Benyei’s award winning work has earned accolades from critics and art enthusiasts and is sought after by corporate and private collectors.

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