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Chantal Julien, SCA, IAF, RAAV, OPA, AWA

Artist statement

A perfect moment in time.

When I look at a landscape an emotion arises, just waiting to be immortalized; a perfect moment where time seems suspended. Light, often the first impression capturing my attention, gives rise to the composition. I simplify the shape and use colour and light for their expressive qualities while exploring the mysterious area between the perceived and the sensed, between instinct and rationality. I seize the vitality, richness and diversity of the landscape while concentrating on the emotional context.

I approach my work with a palpable and electrifying energy where my pictorial language allows a dialogue of colour by the force of the brush strokes. The tension between thin and impasto, definite and indefinite, shadow and light, allows me to create and sculpt my subject.

I bring nature to the essential: line, shape and colour.
The edges, less defined, leave ample way to the free and spontaneous gestures.
The atmospheres created contribute to the feeling of attending a special moment, a meditative one, where the unsaid is part of the painting.

I'm constantly on the lookout for surprises and accidents that may occur during the creation of a work. I remain open to new possibilities that give the creative process opportunities to go further and to always improve myself.
My paintings reflect my commitment to bring my vision of the Canadian landscape, both by the concrete and the abstract. My works
are genuine personal confessions where the focus is on the emotional context. I am looking first and foremost to produce an atmosphere to create an intense psychological dialogue with the viewer.



Chantal Julien lives and works in Sherbrooke, province of Quebec. Her interest in the visual arts began early. Mainly self-taught, she participated in many advanced workshops. She also obtained a certificate in Visual Arts at the University of Sherbrooke.

She is invited to prestigious symposiums and exhibitions, including Sakai and Kyoto in Japan and at the International Festival of Visual Arts of Monastir in Tunisia. She received numerous awards and grants including twice the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation.

Her works are part of many public and private collections in Canada including Loto-Québec, Canimex and the city of Sherbrooke, and also in the United States, Europe, Japan and Tunisia.

She is a member of the Society of Canadian Artists (SCA), the Institute of figurative arts (IAF), the Coalition of Artists in Visual Arts of Quebec (RAAV) and the Oil painters of America (OPA). She is listed since 1996 in the Biennial Directory of Canadian Artists in galleries Magazin'art. An article about her work appeared in the art magazine “Magazin'art”  of spring 2011.

She is represented permanently in the following galleries:
Gainsborough Gallery (Calgary), René Richard (Baie St-Paul), Pierre Séguin (Ile Perrot), Vigneault gallery (Repentigny).


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