• "Steppin Out"
  • "New York Windowscape"
  • "July Light Niagara-on-the-Lake"
  • "Farmer's Market #1"
  • "Tenement #6"

Bonnie Steinberg, SCA

A graduate of York University Bonnie has exhibited extensively in both solo and group shows. She is a recipient of many awards. Her work can be found in collections in both the United States and Canada. The front cover of the 75th anniversary brochure of the CSPWC illustrates Bonnie’s accepted painting in the Diploma Permanent Collection.

Bonnie’s watercolours encompass a variety of subject matter. Architectural detail is her latest venue. Ordinary "slices of life" are her other choices for genre.

High-keyed colour, and dramatic lighting are also characteristics of Bonnie’s works.

A recent exhibit of her work, covered paintings ranging in a variety of subject matter, from Architecture, to landscape, to still life. She states the following objective:

"My visions encompass my views of the world and will aim to give the viewer a glimpse into the world. If this relationship occurs, the painting has been successful."

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Tel: 905-881-1171