• Traffic
  • Here Comes the Sun
  • Lush and Abundant
  • Forest in the Fall
  • Contemplating
  • Changing Seasons
  • Pillows
  • Caledon Hills
  • First Signs of Fall
  • Spring Delight
  • Beyond the Brush
  • Winter Sky
  • End of August
  • Sumac
  • Cardinals in the Morning Mist
  • Evening Stroll
  • Blue Sky is on the Way
  • Colourful Canopy
  • Looking South in October
  • Landscape

Nancy L. Moore, SCA

As an artist I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to paint and draw without boundaries. I enjoy experimenting with different mediums working mostly in acrylics.

My style is largely experimental with an emphasis on landscape and figure abstraction. I never set out to replicate an image but instead strive to convey a mood or evoke and emotion using loose lines, rich texture and bold colours.


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