• Arctic Light
  • "Croker Glacier, Devon Island, Nunavut"
  • "Arctic Summer, Bylot Island, Nunavut"
  • "Auyuittuq Pk, Baffin Island, Nunavut"
  • "Arctic Light"
  • "Evening Tide"

Brigitte Schreyer, SCA

Born and educated in Germany, Brigitte immigrated to Canada in 1960, settling in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She moved to Ontario in 1972, where she studied a variety of painting media.

Brigitte paints in watercolour and oil and finds some of her subject matter nearby or on her travels, but Brigitte's favourite landscapes are those depicting the far north, rugged coasts and the Canadian prairies.

An enthusiastic watercolour instructor, she teaches throughout Ontario and Canada.

Brigitte is an elected member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour, the Ontario Society of Artists, the Society of Canadian Artists and the Polar Artists Group.

This award winning artist is one of 25 selected Arctic Quest Artists, who traveled to the High Arctic and Greenland in the summer of 2006 to paint and celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first successful journey through the Northwest Passage by the Norwegian Explorer Amundson.

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Tel: 905-336-8225