Yehan Wang, SCA

Yehan Wang was born in 1959, Shanghai, China and became a Canadian in 1995 when he already was a professional artist with an international artistic background. His hundreds of works are presented in collections worldwide.

The artist sees himself striving to achieve his own sense of expression combining an abstract, decorative style with contemporary influences. To him, art is a partnership between design and color. He uses these aspects to create images in which the process takes precedent. Nothing is more exhilarating than spreading paint over the canvas with large, expressive strokes. His work is a process of creation as well as investigation, which aims to express the nature of beauty and to reveal the discoveries made during his investigations.

Yehan is also a member of Ontario Society of Artists and an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists in Vancouver, B.C., where he moved from Toronto in 2003.

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Tel: 604-960-9583