Greg Dow, SCA

My primary consideration when planning the next series of paintings is to question where I am in the progression of my work. I aim to identify my current limitations – in both the painting just completed and my accumulated portfolio - and plan the next work to address further formal problems of composition and execution, or to continue the struggle to break free from the tropes and clichés, which permeate so much of life and art.

These are the challenges that interest me more than finding a particular subject. The search for an appropriate subject begins once this objective is clear. 
While expression through clichés trivializes truth; it does not invalidate the deeper kernel of universal experience, which gave rise to cliché.

The goal of my work is to reach a kernel, which balances familiar recognition with response to a deeper visual language. Pursuing this objective must spring from personal experience, be it the character of the sea coast, rural fields and forests.

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