David Carlin, SCA

I am a maker of images. I use painting, printmaking, sculpture and video in the making of my images.

Image making, for me, is a balancing act and the fulcrum for that bal- ancing act is life. The images, like life, evolve from a layering proc- ess interrupted by moments of chaos from which develop new paths and new dynamics.
I love the layering processes used in collage, assemblage and video as much as the ideas that are developed from them. Idea and process become intertwined.

My works are always in a state of change- even years later. Each change brings new associations related to my life's experiences. I continually question who and what we are, where we came from and into what void we are going.

The images become part of a personal mythology which has been in-terwoven, most of all, from the fabric of passed time. and our human concerns about politics and society.

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