• "Ecstasy of the Seed"
  • "Wondering #4"
  • "Vessel #6"
  • "Flight"
  • "Flying High"
  • "Shadow Play"
  • "Flight #2"
  • "Leah"

Joyce Honsberger, SCA

"Space, light, silence, wonder… mystery and the imaginations come together in my sculpture and relief work to create a visual music of perpetuating rhythmic hues, equanimity and balance. 'Space Links' trying to express the inexpressible."


The space sculptures hanging in space move gently in the least currents of air, and bring joy and energy to an environment. Materials used are treated cotton, and abaca paper pulp, painted metal and wire. The paper pulp is coloured with stable and light fast pigments and coated with an acrylic varnish for protection.


Joyce graduated from Ontario College of Art, Toronto and is a member of the Sculptors Society of Canada and the Society of Canadian Artists. She has exhibited extensively in Canada and abroad. She has established Arts Place, and artist centre in Port Colborne, Ontario, and is a partner in the Jordan Art Gallery, Jordan, Ontario.


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Tel: 905-899-1519