Martha Moore, SCA, SCA

I was raised in Calgary and have spent the last 30 years in Alberta and Ontario. After a fulfilling career in broadcast journalism and corporate communications in Toronto, I returned west to the beautiful Okanagan Valley (Vernon, BC) to pursue my earlier passion - drawing and painting.

When I paint I’m totally immersed in the moment and lose many hours focused only on the canvas before me, the marks I make, and the feelings these images evoke. No matter its size, when the painting is finished, my canvas is covered in paint and as a rule so am I.  I’m exhausted and exhilarated and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Beneath layers of texture and colour a story begins to emerge; apart from any intention on my behalf, and is quite arresting in its intensity. I’m very grateful for the ‘stories’ I’m able to create; the visual expressions that invite the viewer to take a closer look….to seek, and to find what they believe is there. This is the personal connection I am most grateful to achieve, and I revel in the pleasure that my paintings bring to those that care to take a careful and considered journey of discovery with me.

My work is recognized for strong expressive strokes, emotional energy, and the use of dramatic and unique blends of colour. My paintings have been exhibited in national and international solo and group exhibitions in Canada and the United States and they can found in private collections around the world.
I am Past President of the Federation of Canadian Artists (North Okanagan Chapter), a Director of the Arts Council North Okanagan, and an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists.

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