• The Light in the Shadows
  • Contemplate
  • Reign
  • Words Unsaid
  • Land Sky Water
  • One Silent Noise
  • Silent Echo 1
  • Silent Echo 2
  • The Stop
  • The Light in the Shadows
  • Vulnerable

Audrey Smith, SCA

My medium of preference is acrylics, to which I add charcoal, conté and pastel. I work on wood panel as canvas would never survive the indignities of my application process.
My style is highly visceral - I often paint over paintings, sand away portions of the image, etch, scratch and destroy, rebuild and repeat the process until I reach the point that what I see are the layers rather than the surface. It’s a process of deconstruction and, in conception, a visual history seen in it’s present tense.
Much like my actual process, the themes that I communicate are those of transition, fragmentation, renewal and solitude. The human ability to grow, change, adapt, revert, reform, survive, discover...these aspects of being fascinate me. As a figurative artist, I focus mainly on the female form.
Born in Canada, I graduated from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. A successful career in graphic design transitioned into a studio practice so that by 2011, I was a full time professional artist. I’ve since had solo shows, won awards, been in numerous juried group shows and have works in Canada, the U.S. and Europe.

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