Valerie Harper, SCA

For  most  of  Valerie's  life,  she  has  lived  near  water,  the  oceans  of  Perth,  Australia,  the  rocky shorelines  of  England,  Bermuda  and British  Columbia  and  currently,  the  lakefront  of  the  St. Lawrence  Seaway  in  N.D.  Ile  Perrot,  Quebec. 

Her  artistic  source of  inspiration  has  come  from observing  the  beautiful  waterscapes  and  landscapes  through  these  travels.  She  is  particularly drawn to "water and rocks" "motion and shapes" and enjoys incorporating abstracted features into her  work. 

Valerie  paints  almost  exclusively  in  watercolour.  Beautiful  transparent  watercolour, achieved  by  having  mastered  the  techniques  of  controlling  the  spontaneous  character  of  this medium,  is  her  motivation.  While portraying  mood,  feeling  and  expression,  she  strives  for innovation and to evoke the senses and passion in others.

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