• A Line of Late Afternoon Sun
  • Straying Off Point
  • Meet Me at the Beach
  • Blended By the Lights
  • When the Dawn Breaks
  • Perennial with the Earth
  • Full of Holes
  • World at Large
  • Orange is the New Green
  • Pastel Birch
  • Truly Canadian
  • Cherryhill in Oct.
  • Island in the Mist
  • Blackwind
  • Fragment of Light
  • Looking at the Brighter Side

Lee Munn, SCA

Lee is a landscape style artist. Born in Hamilton, Ontario. His formal art education began at the age of 16 and continued through his early college years when he studied Fine Arts at Dundas Valley School of Art, and Arts and Graphics at George Brown, & Sheridan College.

He spent approx. 20 years as an ad designer in Hamilton with local newspapers. In 2007 he started his own company ‘Arts & Ads Advertising’ working in both computer design & fine arts. Over the period of years, moving into just fine arts alone.

Lee is a firm believer in painting in his home city & province. He travels all over Ontario in all seasons painting small pieces on location and taking photographs, then bringing them home to his studio to make larger paintings. Nature and the outdoors have always played a strong role in his art. All paintings were done while listening to one musical band. If the painting took 20 - 200 hours he would just be one band. All paintings are named with the music that went with it.

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