Laurie Near, SCA, Hon's B.A., B. Ed., M. Ed.

Born in Chatham, Ontario and currently residing in the Quinte region, award-winning Canadian artist Laurie Near has held a life-long interest in the visual arts. Laurie’s work hangs in a number of galleries and in private collections across Canada, the U.S.A. and the U.K.

Artist Statement

I am inspired by writings, music and artworks which evoke a sense of connection and timelessness. Intuitive process is the driving force in my most recent body of work where paintings are characterized by focus on repetition, organic shapes and fluidly applied colour.  Multiple layers of glaze, in conjunction with the use of metallic/iridescent pigments, allow each painting to reveal  subtle compositional changes depending on the precise angle at which light hits the surface of the canvas. Regular periods of quiet and solitude are an essential component of my overall practice, with painting sessions serving as important meditations where one becomes at once both hyper-aware and lost in the process.  Over a period of days, canvases are regularly moved from easel to floor and back to easel, depending on whether, and how much I want the paint to travel and mix in each successive skin. Because of the need to allow saturated layers to dry before adding more pigment, I tend to work on several different paintings at once. While this makes for a crowded studio (the wet paintings are generally laid out flat on the floor for long periods of time) it helps to lessen the “stop-start” frustration of having to wait for glazes to properly gel when I’m in the zone and don’t want to stop. 



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